Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sad Sun

...And the story continues. At the Mathematical Institute we have a long tradition of using Sun workstations. My Sun Blade 100 used to work fairly well, especially after my own customizations.

Now I got a Blade 150 instead (I asked for it myself, montsh ago, stupid fool I am). Blade 150 sounded a whole lot better than Blade 100, but except for the double RAM (2GB) it's not shocking. I could live with that though. However, great was my horror, when the long-forgotten, but well-remembered colormap problem turned up with this new workstation. At this very moment I'm watching a screen that uses blue where it should use gray, en uses some dithered coloring on other non-standard colors. It's like watching a 1024x768 GIF image with only 64 colors. My cursor is even invisible.

Probably, Solaris-gurus know a fix for this, and probably I shouldn't blame Sun, but our system administrator/hardware buyer instead. But I've had it with these crappy systems. Old, ugly CDE, crashing firefoxes, slow responses, non-working [Home]/[End] keys. Aargh!

Longing for a institute-wide migration to Linux/x86 systems is a non-realistic utopia, so I got myself a Pentium-M laptop instead. Now if only I could find a way to get an internet connection to it...


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