Monday, November 22, 2004


zijpad [Dut], 'n zijpaadje inslaan, (fig.) ride off on a side issue

Zijpaadjes are evil. You try and should be working on some important job, when suddenly, a nice idea pops up in your head.
For example: "It would be really cool to have color support in Stratego!".
Or, "Wouldn't I be the MAN if I got Gnome running on Solaris?".
Or: "I should really write a new blog note soon."

Zijpaadjes shuffle one's priorities, biased that is, since the side issue will always end up on top of the list. Encouraged by the freshness of such a new idea it is so tempting and easy to shift all matter aside and directly ride off on this side issue.

Zijpaadjes change one's normal perception of time and space. Deadline for tomorrow 12AM? That's so far ahead, time enough to get on a little bit more! Not.

But realize:
Zijpaadjes are like spring cleanup. Stir up that dusty mind filled with weekly tasks and obligations. When you get back to normal after a week, things might look wholly different!

Zijpaadjes deliver you: friends! The side issues are not seldomly aimed at the wishes of someone near you. You will be praised and overloaded with short-term compliments the moment you have successfully completed the side issue for them.

So, in conclusion: although they're some sort of self-imposed addiction, I like zijpaadjes too much to stop with them.
Zijpaadjes, can't go quickly with them, can't go without them.


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