Saturday, December 18, 2004

Sit Down and Listen...

Flabbergasted, I think that's the right word to describe how I am touched by the sound of the Belgian trip-hop band Hooverphonic, with Geike Arnaert as singer. Band info at

Why flabbergasted? I've known the album 'Sit Down and Listen to Hooverphonic' for almost a year now, I 'just liked' it. A few months ago I 'got' the album as MP3 files on my PC, and listened it more often. Next, I went to their live performance at Vredenburg in Utrecht, November 2004. Besides that I really like this music theatre, the band played great. Very standard, hardly improvising, but just (super-)high quality. So pure, the vocals and strings. Last week I got the album on cd, still feels better to have a proper cd instead, not having to turn on my PC, the official booklet/artwork, just nice.

'The World is Mine', and 'Sometimes' are not bad, but not my favourites either, the former makes me a bit nervous. For the rest, the album is superb. The smooth opening by 'Antarctica' and 'One', the oh-so-nice slow 'Jackie Cane'. '2 Wicky', that's blues man!, or jazz? well... whatever. 'Frosted Lake Wood', a kid-like story being told. The sensitive 'Eden', and 'Vinegar and Salt' with beautiful piano and strings play. 'Sad Song' and 'Someone', just nice. 'The Last Thing I Need is You' is a vivid, cheer-up song (bit of a pity though, that the crowd didn't join singing 'Pa pa.. papapaaa' when Geike asked).

I hardly ever play albums twice or more a day, this album allows that though. It's just beautiful.

At first I wanted to dedicate this blog to the singer, Geike Arnaert, but I realize that the musicians, strings, piano, bass and all more, form the music together. Still, Geike is such an elegant, yes beautiful appearance, but above all, she's got such a pure voice, from high to low. She can take a number on her own, live, without problems (which she did almost with 'Eden', just piano guidance, and also more-or-less with 'Frosted Flake Wood')

I'll try the other original albums soon probably, but I doubt if it gets any better than this album.

(oh, almost forgot, I find belgian women talking dutch sooo sexy, so I might be biased about the live performance ;-) )


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